Night of the X-Mas Trees – Downloadable Game

Night of the X-Mas Trees is a fun little festive survival horror game where you investigate a Christmas tree lot that’s been overrun with Christmas tree demons.

Created by olinkalex (creator of Cage Face & IN·TERROR·GATION), Night of the X-Mas Trees is a short survival horror game where a town sheriff investigates a tip-off about a shady Christmas tree lot. It seems that a huge Christmas tree in the center of the lot may be unleashing evil demonic Christmas trees into the world. You need to find a way to stop it while avoiding freezing to death in the process.

The gameplay in Night of the X-Mas Trees features a mixture of puzzle solving and gun-based combat. The tree demons can be dispatched with just a few shots, but they are quite good at ambushing you and can be deadly in numbers. Their attacks don’t affect your health but they will make you colder (as will continued exposure to the cold), which you can combat by drinking some of the delicious hot cocoa that’s been left around the lot.

The brightness of the flashlight could do with a little optimization (the center is so bright that you often can’t see what you’re shining it on very well), but other than that Night of the X-Mas Trees is a great little horror game full of festive spirit. The Christmas tree demons are surprisingly scary (and deadly), and the festive soundtrack adds a lot to the atmosphere. A night you’ll never fir-get.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse- Look, E – Interact, Q – Drink Cocoa, RMB – Aim,LMB – Shoot

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Night of the X-Mas Trees Here

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