Night Rider Turbo – Browser Game

Night Rider Turbo

Night Rider Turbo is a wonderfully chaotic driving game in which you attempt to steer down a busy motorway by grabbing the steering wheel with your hand – but you’d better be careful, grab and pull on anything in the car too hard and it will come off (including the steering wheel!)

Your car is controlled by grabbing and moving the steering wheel with the mouse, but you’ll require a deft touch to last more than a few seconds in this ridiculous racer!   Pull too hard on the steering wheel and actually you’ll pull it off, and with no means of steering you’ll career out of control and meet an early demise.  It’s fun watching the chaos though, and for added enjoyment you can destroy your entire dashboard by grabbing components and ripping them out – from the stereo to the air freshener.  It’s a very silly game,with quirky visuals, an excellent soundtrack and plenty of joyous destruction.  The Hoff never had these problems!

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Night Rider Turbo Here

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