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Nightmare Fishing Tournament 3D is a delightfully grim horror fishing game in which you are a damned soul who has to stab and catch massive monstrous fish to win a fishing tournament and escape Hell.

Isn’t it always the case that you wait years for a horror fishing game then two come along at the same time? Hot on the heels of A Wonderful Day For Fishing is Nightmare Fishing Tournament 3D, a 3D remake of the 2D original and sees you attempting to win a fishing tournament in Hell to allow you to travel back to the land of the living. In the game you take on the role of a newly deceased soul who is given a boat and a fishing rod and must now attempt to catch the biggest fish possible in the blood red sea beneath you.

The fishing in Nightmare Fishing Tournament 3D has some major differences from normal fishing games. Sure, you bait your hood and drop the line as you would normally, but once you hook a fish you have to dive in and stab it repeatedly to stun it. This can be dangerous as the fish can try to eat you if you run out of grip and you can drown if you run out of air.

Once your fish is stunned you then return to your boat and reel it in, where you can either sell it, enter it in the tournament or harvest it for scales. Selling or harvesting scales will allow you to purchase upgrades from the Grim Reaper which can increase your stats or give you useful equipment that will aid your future fishing expeditions. Entering your fish into the tournament will allow you to move on to the next round – you don’t have to win the round to move onto the next one, but your totals will be accumulated at the end so you want to do well in each one.

There’s quite a lot to learn, but once you get to grips with it Nightmare Fishing Tournament 3D’s unique twist on the traditional fishing game works really well. The 3D visuals are simple but effective, the audio (particularly the radio channel) is excellent, the gameplay loop is addictive and the massive monstrous fish are spectacular to see in motion. A great little horror fishing game that’ll really get you hooked.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Interact/Stab Fish/Surface, F – Grab Fishing Rod, E – Select Bait, Shift – Diving Bell

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Nightmare Fishing Tournament 3D Here

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