Nightmare Zapping – Downloadable Game

Nightmare Zapping is a channel surfing horror game that tells interweaving nightmarish stories about the residents of a cursed town.

You play through Nightmare Zapping as if you were channel surfing on a real TV. You can change channels at any time. Some channels are just filled with static, but there are also quite a few that contain short broadcasts that tell fragments of stories about the inhabitants of a small town. You can interact with some of the stories in different ways, and you’ll need to do a little puzzle solving to get the full story of the doomed town.

It’s a clever concept that does a great job of allowing you to piece together the stories as you surf the channels. The retro pixel art animations and audio are excellent and there are even a few little secrets in there to find too. Highly recommended viewing.

Controls: Keyboard & Mouse

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Nightmare Zapping Here

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