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NIRAMEKKO is a simple and very creepy little horror game where you attempt to use a flashlight to stop monsters from escaping from the pictures infront of you.

With regards to gameplay, NIRAMEKKO mostly resembles Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, NIRAMEKKO is far more accessible, as instead of beign overwhelemed with the sheer number of different tasks you have to complete, NIRAMEKKO focuses on one task – using a flashlight. As you play a variety of freaky monsters will appear and slowly creep towards you. You can then use your flashlight to push the monsters back into their pictures by aiming at them and focusing on them.

You only have to survive for around three minutes to complete NIRAMEKKO, which is reaonably easy in Normal Mode, but a real challenge in Hard Mode. You can soon become overwhemed and your thoughs change from wondering if a monster will get you to which one will get you!

It’s a freaky little game that has a some very creepy artwork and a real sense of dread. What’s more, NIRAMEKKO’s streamlined aproach to FNaF-esque jump scare horror makes it far more accessible than Freddy’s outings, allowing you to focus all your attention on the monsters infront rather than remembering rules and multitasking. A focused little fright ‘em up well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Focus

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download NIRAMEKKO Here

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