No, Birdie, No! – Browser Game

No Birdie No

No, Birdie, No! is a tricky little QWOP-like in which you control your fingers as you cling onto the side of a clifftop and attempt to avoid a bird that keeps pecking them.

You’re in a bit of a sticky situation – you’re clinging to a clifftop by just your fingertips and a hungry bird seems to think your fingers are juicy worms. You control the fingers with the ASDF, each mapped to a individual fingers that are mirrored on each hand. Your aim is to release the corresponding key to the finger that’s about to get pecked, while trying to hold on with the rest.

Fail to move a finger out of the way in time and the bird will peck it, rendering it useless for the rest of the game. Lose too many fingers or release your grip at the wrong time and you’ll plummet to your doom. How long can you survive in this wonderfully tricky cliffhanger?

Controls:  ASDF – Control Your Fingers

Available On:  Unity Compatible Browsers

Play No, Birdie, No! Here

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