No Hacker’s Sky – Downloadable Game

No Hacker's Sky

In No Hacker’s Sky you play a skilled computer hacker who is attempting to uncover an interplanetary conspiracy using a mixture basic command line prompts and first person puzzle solving.

When you boot up No Hacker’s Sky, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a simple command line prompt-style text based hacking sim, but it soon opens up into something much more than that.  Once you’ve figured out the interface, discovered how to access the nodes and checked your emails, you can enter virtual spaces in first person.  These first person sections are well crafted puzzles that allow you to re-write code on-the-fly, as you hack into them and recover valuable data.  You use a wide variety of resources and techniques to hack your way through No Hacker’s Sky and can even escape the virtual/digital world towards the end of the game, with you able to explore the landscapes of planets.

With it’s intriguing storyline, clever use of interfaces and unique hacking-based puzzle design, No Hacker’s Sky is a joy to play.  A well crafted hacking sim, full of discovery, unique gameplay and innovation.

Controls:  WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look & Interact,  Basic Command Line Prompts – Type ‘Help’ For Assistance

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download No Hacker’s Sky Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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