No More Kings – Browser Game

No More Kings game

No More Kings is an addictive Chess-based puzzler from the developers of Draw Something, in which you have to clear the board of all the pieces making sure to take the King last.

In No More Kings you start off as the red piece on the board and must move as that piece would move in a normal game of Chess to take another piece on the board.  Once you take a piece, you change into that piece and must take another piece whilst complying with the movies of the piece you’ve just captured (and turned into).  The aim is to carefully work your way around the board, eliminating all the pieces one-by-one, then capturing the King last.

It’s a simple premise very well done, that soon becomes tough in later levels.  While it’s aimed at Chess fans, novices may get something out of it too. Well worth check-ing out.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers, iOS & Android

Play No More Kings Here

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