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no ONE is a very dark little first person puzzler set in a dystopian future where you must inject patients with strange substances to alter their brainwaves and cure them of horrible diseases.

In no ONE’s bleak overpopulated future people are cured from diseases in massive healing factories where time is of the essence – so if you can’t cure a patient within a set time they’ll just be thrown out and you’ll move onto the next one. It seems human life is pretty disposable in the future, but you must do your best with the resources and time you have to save as many as possible.

Each patient is brought in and strapped to a table in a room in-front of you. Their current brainwave pattern is then displayed on a monitor to the right of you and the desired brainwave pattern is displayed on the left. You also have four different mysterious substances placed in front of you that you can use to concoct a cure, each one has a different effect on the amplitude or frequency of the brainwave patterns. You must concoct the correct mixture of substances to alter the patient’s brainwave patterns to the desired one, then inject them and watch as they scream in pain and are (hopefully) cured.

no ONE offers a great mix of wave-matching puzzling and some wonderfully dark humor in its rather bleak vision of the future.  Sure, the healing factory may not be a nice place to be, but it would be pretty nice to go to your doctors and get cured within a minute!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download no ONE Here (Link at Bottom of Page)

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