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No Transmission is a short, stylish and intense first person horror shooter in which every civilian is a possible enemy as alien parasites infect people at underground raves.

In No Transmission you’re tasked with entering underground raves and clearing them of the grotesque alien parasites that have invaded them – all accompanied by a very cool Joy Division song. These raves are filled with partygoers who you really don’t want to shoot – but if a monster comes in contact with them then they’ll instantly turn into a monster too. This means that you really want to contain the monsters and eliminate them as quickly as possible – if they start to infect civilians then the infection can spread rapidly and you can quickly be overrun.

It’s quite a nerve wracking experience as you explore the grimy underground raves, attempting to blast the parasites before they do too much damage. One minute a room can be filled with carefree ravers, the next they’ll be infected monstrosities that you blast until they’re just piles of blood and guts on the floor. It really is murder on the dancefloor in this stylish contagious shooter.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Shoot

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download No Transmission Here

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