Nobi Nobi – Browser Game

Nobi Nobi delivers a very unique twist on the Sokoban style block pushing puzzler, with similarly colored blocks permanently joining together if they touch each-other.

In each cleverly crafted level of Nobi Nobi your aim is to guide your little red block to the exit. However, in the way are a variety of differently colored blocks that will stick to each-other if they come into contact. Each level is pretty cramped and you can only push blocks (you can’t pull them), so a lot of the time you have to figure out a way to join the blocks to create a “handle” that you can use to push them in the required direction.

The graphics are fairly simplistic, but the concept and puzzle design in Nobi Nobi is masterful. Each level requires real thought, spatial awareness and forward planning to solve. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement

Available On: Browser

Play Noby Noby Here

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