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Nobody’s Home is a strange pixel art survival horror adventure which sees you trying to survive in the aftermath of a particularly eventful party.

In Nobody’s Home you awake on a stranger’s bed in a house full of empty bottles and blood stains. Aside from the fact that there’s a video camera pointed at the bed, there’s a lot else that’s wrong with the house – it’s full of strange spirits, flesh-eating plants, bloody spikes, two naked dudes and a handful of zombified party-goers. It must have been some party, hopefully you’ll live to remember it!

The gameplay in Nobody’s Home takes a little getting used to as it’s a little unlike other survival horror games. Scattered around the house are an assortment of bottles and cans that you can collect and drink to recover health. The empty bottles and cans (and some cigarette butts) also double as your weapons, with you able to throw them at enemies in turn-based combat to kill them. Run out of ammo and you can resort to shoving your enemy, but it will cost you one health point each time.

You have to be careful as you explore the house, it’s not only monsters that you have to deal with – it’s littered with booby traps and bloody spikes that will sap your health. Stay alive and you’ll discover that the house is full of strange secrets to discover, which can lead to one of Nobody’s Home’s five endings.

It takes a little time to wrap your head around initially, but Nobody’s Home delivers a very unique and interesting survival horror experience. The pixel artwork is fantastic throughout and you’ll be amazed at how many strange discoveries you’ll make in the house. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Z – Interaction, X – Menu

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Nobody’s Home Here

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