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Noboru Game Download

Noboru is a very tough and super fast paced vertical platformer that plays a little like Doodle Jump, but with samurai sword wielding cats!

In Noboru you attempt to jump, double-jump, slash and dash your way as high up a hazard-filled vertical tunnel as possible. Miss a platform and fall below the screen or hit a hazard then you’ll lose a life, lose all your lives and it’s game over. Your little samurai cat is pretty nimble and very handy with a sword though – able to hack its way through enemies and boxes to earn crystals that can be used to purchase upgrades and customizations.

It’s a very fast paced game that really tests your reflexes as you propel yourself ever upwards and attempt to slice your way through enemies and hazards. In fact, other than the direction you’re moving, it probably shares more of its DNA with Downwell than Doodle Jump. An addictive vertical catformer well worth jumping on!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMM – Slash, RMB – Dash

Available On: Windows

Download Noboru Here

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