NODOMUS – Downloadable Game

NODOMUS is a strange little interactive experience where you observe camera feeds from probes that have been sent into a mysterious void.

Created by colorfiction (creator of Ode to a Moon and æ) NODOMUS is a mezmerising and oddly unsettling game where you view live feedback from probes that were sent into a void in space. You can zoom in and out and switch between six different camera feeds, each showing a very different view of what’s in the void. You can’t interact with anything in the void and you can’t even rotate the cameras – you’re just there to observe this strange new place.

It’s not massively interactive, but it’s a fascinating experience viewing the static-filled video feeds of NODOMUS. It really feels like you’re getting glimpses of another place that’s outwith our universe and beyond human comprehension. There are some spectacular sights and it makes you feel like you’re the first human being to observe them. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Windows

Download NODOMUS Here

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