Nohzdyve (from Black Mirror: Bandersnatch) – Download Game

Nohzdyve is the Tuckersoft ZX Spectrum created by Colin Ritman (Will Poulter) in the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch episode and you can actually download and play it in all it’s retro glory!

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’s choose your own adventure narrative about a programmer who’s creating his own choose your own adventure is already one of the most meta experiences in recent memory, but there’s more! Netflix/Black Mirror have actually created a Tuckersoft website that allows you to browse through their catalogue and you can even download Nohzdyve – the game that Colin is working on when you first meet him.

You’ll need a ZX Spectrum emulator to play the game and it’s pretty basic (you just avoid teeth and collect eyeballs while falling), but it’s a fun little slice of retro arcade action and another layer of meta oddity to add to the Bandersnatch lore. There seems to be a lot more to discover about Bandersnatch too, so maybe it’ll be possible to play the actual Bandersnatch game at some point too!

Controls: O – Left, P – Right, Spacebar – Start

Available On: Windows, Mac, Android (Via ZX Spectrum Emulator)

Note: You’ll need a ZX Spectrum Emulator to Play Nohzdyve, You Can Find One Here

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Nohzdyve Here (You May Have to Click on the “History” Tab a Few Times)

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  1. The download page may not be available until… well, just give the HISTORY button a few clicks while already on the main History page and see what happens…

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