Nomad – Downloadable Game

Nomad is a chilled out first person platformer where you climb around an ancient colossus and attempt to bring it back to life.

Created by a group of students from USC Games, in Nomad you have discovered an ancient colossus buried in the ground. You need to climb to different parts of its body to heal it and each time you do, then the colossus moves to a new position, making the new location that much tricker. Thankfully though, there’s no fall damage, and you have a nifty grappling hook which you can use to swing you through the air.

It’s a fun game with well designed climbing routes, a nice low poly visual style and a stress free atmosphere. It feels like a perfect counterpoint to Shadow of the Colossus – instead of slaying colossi, you’re saving one!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Nomad Here

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