Noodle Ramen – Downloadable Game

noodle ramen

Noodle Ramen is a charming little game in which you play an adorable little ramen monster who is trying to steal Ramen Mans food without getting eaten itself.

You swim around ramen mans bowl, pressing X to dive and avoid the chopsticks, then releasing X to jump up out of the water and swallow some ramen.  Your aim is to eat 15 ramen without getting caught.  Once you eat those 15 ramen you might not be quite so easy to swallow…

Noodle Ramen impresses with it’s fun gameplay and wonderfully whimsical premise.  It’s reasonably easy to eat 15 ramen, but can you eat more ramen than Ramen Man?

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Dive (Control Pad Compatible)

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Noodle Ramen Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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