NoodleBall – Downloadable Game


NoodleBall takes football simulation to a whole new level with high fidelity visuals, realistic physics, officially licensed players….. Nah, only kidding! NoodleBall has none of that, but is a lot of fun!

NoodleBall is a ridiculous local multiplayer football (or soccer if you like) game that pits two wobbly limbed sausage people against each other in a football simulation game that may not match FIFA’s authenticity, but more than makes up for it with hilarity.

In NoodleBall players have the ability to walk rather slowly and jump. If timed perfectly jumping can make you do a diving header, but nine times out of ten you’ll just land flat on your face and squirm around on the floor a little. It’s a game in which scoring a goal is less about skill and more about perseverance, as you slowly trundle the ball into your opponent’s goal.

Sure, NoodleBall may not be the most realistic sporting simulation, but thanks to its floppy limbed players and their spectacularly silly jumping antics, it’s a game that’s guarunteed to make you smile. Fabulously funny super floppy football.

Controls: WASD – Movement (P1), T – Jump (P1), Arrow Keys – Movement (P2), Comma – Jump (P2)

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download NoodleBall Here

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