Normal Human Face Simulator – Download Game

Normal Human Face Simulator is a wonderfully grotesque combat game in which you literally bite the face off your opponent!

The aim in Normal Human Face Simulator is to destroy your opponent’s face by lunging at them, biting them and ripping off strips of skin and muscle. You don’t need to rip the entire face off your opponent, just enough to get a good bite on the skull, unimpeded by any flesh, that allows you to pull off the main area of the face.

You can charge up lunges then release to go in for a bite, with you attacking different areas of your opponent’s face depending on how long you charged up your lunge, where your opponent’s head is and the timing of the bite. Once you’ve chomped down on a bit of flesh (or even an eyeball!), you then continue tapping the bite button until you come away with a bloody strip of your opponent’s face.

Normal Human Face Simulator is a grotesque game, but not overly gory thanks to the stylish low poly visuals that allow for fully deformable skin and muscle tissue that looks funny rather than realistic and gruesome. The face biting combat is great fun, with each new bite gleefully ripping shreds off your opponent’s face. A wonderfully weird face fighting sim well worth taking a bite out of.

Controls: P1 – WASD, P2 – Arrow Keys

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Normal Human Face Simulator Here

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