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Northbury Grove: Walls Closing In is a brutal, gory and intense finale to the excellent Northbury Grove slasher trilogy, which sees you attempting to survive the multiple attacks of a psychotic mass murderer.

Forming the final part of the Northbury Grove slasher trilogy (the first two being Northbury Grove and Northbury Grove: King’s Comfort) Northbury Grove: Walls Closing In is a tense and terrifying survival horror game inspired by 70s and 80s slasher horror movies. In the game you follow the story of Grace (a friend of the stars of the first two installments) as she is kidnapped by the Butcher of Northbury Grove – a psychotic killer who will go down in history for the massacre at the Rock The Warehouse music festival. Grace must now run, hide, solve puzzles and escape from the Butcher’s lair – which isn’t going to be easy!

Northbury Grove: Walls Closing In is about four times the size of the other two games, taking around two hours to play through. It’s a tough game, with permadeath in each of its large stages and some minor item randomization. Avoiding traps and piecing together the items you require to escape/survive is tricky enough, but you also have to deal with the Butcher, who dynamically stalks each level and will chop you to pieces if he gets his hands on you!

You don’t need to have already played the previous Northbury Grove games to enjoy Northbury Grove: Walls Closing In, but you’ll certainly get more out of it if you have. There are lots of great little touches that link back to the previous games and the expanded Scythe Saga Universe.

It’s a fantastic finale to a trilogy of terror that really impresses with its variety of locations, competence in storytelling, grimy slasher movie visuals and heart pounding dynamic soundtrack. With the Northbury Grove trilogy (and the other games in the expanded universe) Scythe Dev Team have created something special – a world that you’re always glad to return to and a terrifying place you’re always glad to escape. It’s impressive stuff and the Butcher certainly gets a great send off with this instalment. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Northbury Grove: Walls Closing In Here

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