Nosferatu’s Dryer on Fire – Downloadable Game

Nosferatu’s Dryer on Fire is a wonderfully absurd little first person horror adventure where you explore Nosferatu’s castle and discover what dark secrets it holds.

In Nosferatu’s Dryer on Fire you find yourself as a guest in Nosferatu’s castle. He may be a vampire and pretty weird looking, but he’s actually rather friendly and is happy for you to explore his castle. As you explore you find ancient relics, discover secret passageways and unearth dark secrets. And you may also unearth some not-so-dark secrets too, such as the mess in Nosferatu’s bedroom!

Taking around 10 minutes to play through Nosferatu’s Dryer on Fire delivers a delightfully silly little adventure that blends horror with plenty of humor. You do feel a bit guilty for poking around in Nosferatu’s things, but maybe you can make up for it by doing some laundry!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interact

Available On: Windows

Download Nosferatu’s Dryer on Fire Here

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