Not Of This World – Downloadable Game

not of this world

Not Of This World is a fun pixel art action game in which you play an alien out for a peaceful walk in the park eating any tasty humans that walk by!

You have an uncontrollable hunger that forces you to eat humans, but strangely enough they aren’t very fond of being eaten.  Most of the puny humans are defenceless and can be dispatched with ease, but you’ll have to find ways to hide and disguise yourself when police officers and men in black are around.  Each time you kill someone you also steal their money, which comes in handy for purchasing upgrades for the park (such as fire hydrants to hide behind) and consumables which can help you blend in with the humans.

Not Of This World impresses with it’s gorgeous pixel art visuals, fun premise and unique human-munching gameplay.  To mix things up there’s also a boss fight, five minigames to unlock and two different endings, making for a quirky little alien adventure that’s well worth taking for a stroll in the park.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  Windows & Android

Download Not Of This World Here

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