Not So Flat – Downloadable Game

not so flat

Not So Flat is a superb little 2D puzzle platformer that’s played across 3D surfaces, allowing you to cross axis and even flip gravity to help Tim the square make his way back home.

The visual design in Not So Flat is superb, it starts off seemingly as a traditional 2D platformer, but the moment you traverse your first corner it turns into something special.  No longer are you bound by the confines of a mere 2 dimensions!

What follows is a well crafted 2.5D puzzle platformer with some seriously challenging level design.  Tim may be flat, but Not So Flat certainly isn’t – it’s a tough little gem, packed with charm and innovation.

Controls:   Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Spectator View.

Available On:  Windows and Mac

Check Out a Gameplay Video of the first three levels Here

Download Not So Flat Here  (Pay What You Want or Free)

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