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Notes of Obsession

Notes of Obsession is a very creepy first person horror in which you use a music box to find hidden magical symbols while avoiding a terrifying monster.

Set in a normal, everyday family home packed with lots of detail, you awaken alone on the living room couch and start to look around. Family pictures adorn the walls, aw well as ornaments and decorations as well as a mysterious looking knife that’s locked in a cabinet. As you explore your first indication that all is not right is a chair that’s toppled to the ground and as you go to investigate a door slams shut in front of your face, then you check your child’s bedroom and things start to get a whole lot weirder (and scarier).

In your child’s bedroom you find a music box, which when played, allows you to see mysterious symbols scattered around the house. You’ll have to find them all to escape the bedroom and then vanquish the monster, but that’s not going to be easy – the monster will be roaming the house too, looking for its next victim.

Taking around 15 minutes to play, Notes of Obsession really impresses with it’s high standard of audio and visual design, clever use of imagery, tense atmosphere, visual trickery and terrifying scares. If you’re looking for a horror game with brains, beauty and scares, Notes of Obsession is well worth obsessing over.

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – Interact, Mouse – Look, RMB – Music Box, LMB – Wind Music Box

Available On: Windows Only

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Notes of Obsession Here

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