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Nova Alea download

Nova Alea is a clever little game that serves as an allegory for the ruthless nature of capitalism in the housing market, as you buy and sell properties for a profit while the masses suffer.

Nova Alea starts off as a stylish business management game in which you attempt to predict patterns in the market to buy and sell properties for a profit. However, after a few transactions, it soon becomes apparent that there’s a lot more to Nova Alea than meets the eye.

To you the minimalist little cityscape represents a way of making a profit, but for the dwellers that live within it, the city represents connections, memories and homes. What follows is an economic battle of sorts, as the dwellers attempt to stave off your ruthless profit-focused agenda and save their homes.

As in real life, it’s not hard for the rich and powerful to win in Nova Alea, but your victory does feel a little hollow. Sure, you may of gained some wealth, but you can’t help thinking about all those people who have lost their homes.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Nova Alea Here

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