Nuclear Autumn – Downloadable Game

nuclear autumn

Nuclear Autumn is an excellent mini metroidvania that takes place on the in the last breaths of a mighty war which is all but lost, in which you must power up and activate a massive nuclear weapon in a final attempt to save the human race.

Taking around 20 minutes to play, you control Professor Janus, as he powers up sections of the huge weapon, unlocking new abilities and areas as you go.  The underground facility that houses the weapon is massive and is a joy to explore, full of detailed pixel art and puzzles for you to solve.  As well as the excellent pixel art animation, the soundtrack also deserves a mention, featuring a tension building tune that feels like something from the finale of an epic 80’s Sci-Fi movie.

Clever level design, superb pixel art animation and an epic soundtrack make Nuclear Autumn a must play – humanity is counting on you!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Jump, X – Dash, C – Use Mining tool, V – Jetpack

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download Nuclear Autumn Here

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