Nymphiad – Browser Game

Nymphiad is a very cleverly crafted puzzle platformer where the part of the level on-screen wraps around and you have to use it to your advantage to guide a lost nymph through a treacherous temple.

In Nymphiad your aim is to guide a little lost nymph through the dark mazes hidden with in the temple of Tithonus. It’s a tricky place to navigate as it’s filled with deadly traps and the mazes are quite disorientating. The top and the bottom and the left and the right of the screen wraps around – so for instance, if you walk out of the screen to the left you’ll appear on the right.

You can only move the screen by activating special switches which often require a little thought and platforming skill to get to. The final levels can get a little frustrating as they’re quite long and a single mistake sends you back to the start, but it’s a very cleverly built puzzle platforming adventure.

The pixel artwork of Nymphiad is excellent and the platforming mechanics are solid but it’s the level design that’s the star of the show. The levels are incredibly intricate, make great use of the wrap-around mechanics and require real thought and planning to navigate your way through them. Highly recommended.

Note: You can switch to full screen by going into the options menu

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, E- Grab, Shift – Run

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Nymphiad Here

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