Off Peak – Downloadable Game

Off Peak

Off-Peak is a short and surreal first person adventure that takes place in a huge, cathedral-like train station, packed with fantastic artwork and strange characters for you to meet and converse with.

In Off-Peak, the fate of it’s musicians and artists is unclear, but their tools of the trade are highly prized. You’re stranded in this mesmerizing place, with no ticket out, you’ll have to search for pieces of a torn up train ticket if to have any chance of escaping.  There’s no rush though, because the world of Off-Peak is a fascinating place to explore, packed with hidden passageways, superb artwork and interesting characters to talk to.  There’s always something new to discover and secrets to unearth as you dive deeper into the bizarre world of Off-Peak.

WASD – move. Spacebar – jump. Mouse – look around. Left-click – interact, advance dialog. I – inventory.

XBOX 360 controller: X – interact, Y – show inventory, A – jump, push left joystick or left bumper – run.

Available on: Windows & Mac

Download Off Peak Here

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