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Off The Record Game Download

Off The Record is a wonderful little point and click adventure in which you play the owner of a small independent record store who’s struggling to make ends meet and is not always appreciated, but forms an integral part in the community and who can have a significant effect on the lives of those that enter the store.

In Off The Record you manage a small independent record shop, opening up every day, choosing what records to play and conversing with the clientele. There are a lot of interesting characters you’ll meet, each with their own personalities and music needs, wether it be a terrible cheesy pop song for their ‘kid’ or someone who’s looking for the perfect music for a first date. Some just browse forever and don’t buy anything, some are hipsters who want to boast off their musical knowledge, some are genuinely looking for new and interesting music for you to recommend to them, and some are even looking for you to check out their music.

There is an overarching story about wether or not you’ll sell your little business to a big music corporation, but it’s the little mini-stories that play out as you chat with your eclectic selection of visitors that are the most rewarding. You’re only a small independent record store owner, but you can have a big effect on peoples lives – something that’ll make you think twice about seeing out to ‘the man’.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Off The Record Here

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