Oh High – Browser Game

Oh High is a simple and addictive little PICO-8 powered climbing game that’s controlled with just two buttons.

The goal in Oh High is simple – climb as high as you can. In the game the Z and X keys are mapped to each of your feet and when you press one then it stamps down and attaches to the surface. This leaves the other foot to rotate until you stamp it down and continue the process.

Your stamina is continually draining though, so you need to stamp both feet down to regenerate it. Also, there are certain surfaces that you can’t latch onto and will fall off if you try.

It’s a great little game that manages to make inventive use of its two button control scheme. A PICO-8 climbing adventure well worth latching onto.

Controls: Z/X – Control Feet

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Oh High Here

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