OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS KNIGHT is a whimsical little adventure in which you help an adorable (but incredibly inept) little wannabe knight as he attempts to help people and show them what being a true knight really means!

In OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS KNIGHT you take control of a cute little knight with a wooden sword and a bucket on his head, who’s trying to be knightly in a world where all the propper knights have grown old and lazy. It’s time to set out and do some knightly deeds to brig honor back to your chosen profession. The problem is, no matter how noble your intentions, you’re really not very good at doing good deeds…

OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS KNIGHT takes around 15 minutes to complete and has a few secrets to discover along the way. It’s a delightful little game with a great sense of humor and an adorable little protagonist whose heart is in the right place, but whose deeds are less than stellar.

Controls: WASD – Move, LMB – Attack, RMB – Grab

Available On: Windows