Oh…Sir! – Downloadable Game


You’ve spent all of Christmas tying to be nice to your family, it’s about time you get back to insulting them!  Thankfully Oh…Sir! has you covered – a 1v1 multiplayer game in which players take it in turns to insult each other!

With a setup inspired by the Monty Python dead parrot sketch, one player plays the shopkeeper who sold the dodgy bird and the other player is the irate customer looking for a refund.  The goal is to create the longest (and hopefully the most offensive) insult by piecing together fragments of sentences.

Each player takes it in turns to either choose fragments from the board or from their personal selection.  There are rules that you have to follow – the phrases you make up must be grammatically correct and must end with an exclamation mark to count as an insult.  Depending on the words available, it can be a little tricky to create a truly great insult, but it’s remarkably satisfying when you do!

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Note:  If you can’t come up with an insult, press the timer icon at the bottom of the screen to progress the game.

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Oh…Sir! Here

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