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Ombrage is a beautiful, Zen-like open world adventure in which you explore an alien planet with a solar powered rover, unlock new abilities and solve the mysteries of the ancient alien archetecture.

In Ombrage you control a charming little rover exploraton robot with a wonderfully bouncy suspension, a solar powered battery and interchangeable parts to help it traverse mountainous terrain. Your little rover is damaged, but operable, and is a joy to drive arond the mysterious alien landscape, especially once you start to equip different modules to it.

The landscape is vast, open and full of mysterious alien mechanisms, some of which you can activate to start forming a huge structure in the center of them all. You’ll also come across wrecks of previous rovers which you can salvage modules from, that can give you soome very handy abilities, such as boosting, using jets to thust yourself upwards or even gliding across vast distances. You have to be careful though – these abilities use your power up quickly, and you REALLY need to stay clear of the shade as your battery won’t last long with no solar power to recharge it.

Aside from the occaisional worries of running out of battery power, Ombrage is a very chilled out experience, allowing you to explore the planet, enjoy the scenery and unlock it’s mysteries at your own pace. Aside from the opening few minutes, there are no set routes – you just choose a destination in the distance and go there with your versatile and nimble little rover. A perfect little non-combative planetary exploration adventure we highly recommend embarking on.

Controls: Control Pad Only

Available On: Windows

Full Playthrough Video: Here

Download Ombrage Here

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