Once Chance – Browser Game

one chance 2

One Chance is a well crafted pixel art adventure in which you get one chance to save the world – literally, as you can only play the game once.

You play a scientist who has discovered the cure for cancer.  This is big news and the whole world celebrates – but just for one day, until it’s discovered that your miracle ‘cure’ will cause every single living cell on the planet to die within just a few days.  You must decide what to do with that time.

Will you spend as much time as possible with your family?  Or will you dedicate your final hours to trying to find a cure which may not exist?  There are many different outcomes and you really do have only one chance – the game only allows you to play through it once, with no restarts possible (unless you play on another computer).

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – interact

Available On:  All Browsers

Play One Chance Here

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