One And One Story – Browser Game

one and one story

One and One Story is a charming puzzle platformer in which you control two lovers simultaneously as they cross hazards and obstacles to re-unite them.

Each level in One and One Story is a single screen puzzle, which you must solve using both characters.  This starts off fairly easily, with you able to switch between the characters at will by simply pressing ‘Z’, but the game switches up the gameplay every few levels, introducing new control schemes – such as a character only moving when it can see the other player, both characters carrying out the same movements simultaneously and both character carrying out the opposite movements simultaneously.

It’s a fun concept, with a charming story and clever gameplay, which (thanks to some very clever level design) makes you tackle the same levels in very different ways.  Intelligent and heartfelt stuff.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  X – jump,  Z – Change Character

Available On:  All Browsers

Play One And One Story Here

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