One Good Turn Deserves Another – Downloadable Game

One Good Turn Deserves Another is a clever little turn-based puzzle game inspired by Romanian folklore, where a wizard repays kindness by protecting a village from bandits

Drawing inspiration from the Romanian Solomonar folktale, One Good Turn Deserves Another tells the story of a wizard who goes from village to village pretending to be a beggar. After being shown kindness by a family in one village, the wizard decides to repay this kindness by protecting them from the attacks of an enemy army.

The gameplay in One Good Turn Deserves Another is turn-based and sees you using your wizardy powers (powered by a giant winged snake called Balaur), to eliminate all the enemy forces before they reach the village. You have three main elemental attacks – lightning, rain, wind, which you can combine together to devastating effect. And you can also use the power of Balaur to enhance your attacks, which makes for some even more deadly combinations.

It’s an excellent little pixel game with simple mechanics that allow for some very complex tactical combinations. That one little wizard cna do some serious damage!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download One Good Turn Deserves Another Here

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