One Night in Tokyo – Browser Game

One Night in Tokyo is a fun little Streets of Rage style side-scrolling beat ‘em up where you fight your way through the streets of Tokyo while listening to a rocking fusion of heavy metal and eurobeat.

Created to advertise the release of a new album by Beat in Black called Dark Connection, One Night in Tokyo is a short and fun retro beat ‘em up where you can transform into a monster. The core gameplay is very much like Streets of Rage, with you simply walking through the dangerous streets of Tokyo and beating up anyone who looks at you funny. When you charge up your beast bar then you can then transform into a beast which is more powerful and invulnerable to attacks.

The gameplay is pretty basic and it only has one level, but it’s a fun little beat ‘em up with some excellent pixel art animation and a rocking soundtrack. Definitely worth checking out for a bit of headbanging and ass-kicking!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Jump, C – Attack, Spacebar – Transform

Available On: Browser

Play One Night in Tokyo Here

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