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One Tank In May is an interesting little first person narrative driven wartime experience that explores the truth behind five contradictory stories about a single person taking out a tank during an actual incident that occurred during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Drawing inspiration from Asaf Inbari’s The Tank, One Tank In May explores the events that took place one fateful night as the Syrian Army mounted an armored assault on Degania Alef. Despite having superior firepower that assault was ultimately unsuccessful and the ruins of one of the tanks sits where it was destroyed to this day as a monument to the battle. There are however, five conflicting stories of who who destroyed the tank and how it was done. One Tank In May allows you to reenact all five stories as it attempts to uncover the truth.

You play out all five stories in first person, with you searching for a weapon and using it to take out the tank whilst the tank rains fire all around you. It’s a perilous task and does some serious damage to the surrounding buildings, but with a bit of perseverance you can blow it up five times, with the five different methods.

There is an official version of the events that occurred that night and maybe some of the stories are lies, but if playing it out in first person is anything to go by then multiple versions could also be true. There’s’ a real feeling of chaos, carnage and panic as the tank blows up everything around you – so much so that it’s hard to focus on anything other than the tank. Multiple people could easily have attempted to stop the tank, all in different ways. Who actually did stop it may never be known, but whether it was a single person or a handful it doesn’t make their achievement any less impressive and One Tank In May does a great job of reenacting their efforts.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – Aim, LMB – Fire , E – Interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download One Tank In May Here

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