One Tap Quest – Browser Game

one tap quest

One Tap Quest is an addictive little micro RPG in which you defeat monsters, collect equipment, level up and defeat the boss with just one single click!

One Tap Quest consists of just two screens – the main world filled with enemies, equipment and spells, and the boss stage.  You select where on the screen your character starts his quest, then he walks ever onwards, slaying enemies and collecting any items he comes into contact with.   You’ll gain XP and level up as you go, but if you meet a monster that’s more powerful than you then you’ll die.  This means that you have to plot your course carefully as you’ll need to kill as many weaker enemies and collect as much loot as possible to level up before you run into more deadly foe.

It’s amazing that One Tap Quest can distil all the basic gameplay mechanics of an RPG into just one click, it’s also amazing how addictive it is!  Brilliant bite sized RPGing.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available on:  All Browsers

Play One Tap Quest here

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