One Troll Army – Downloadable Game

One Troll Army

One Troll Army is a very cool tower defense/RTS hybrid with Twitch integration in which you control a giant troll who decides to protect a bunch of hapless goblins from raiders by smashing the enemy with your giant fists and by helping build up the goblins defenses.

Unlike most RTS games you only have direct control of one unit in One Troll Army, but it’s a big one – a giant troll with twelve upgradable skills. Your troll is powerful, but can’t take on the hordes of raiders alone, so must organise the goblin forces, getting them to build upgrades and defenses, as well as hiring units which will fight beside you on the battlefield.

It’s a great premise and offers up a fun and easily accessible blend of RTS and tower defense gameplay. As well as being great fun in single player, clever use of Twitch integration in One Troll Army means that you can play against your followers in Twitch chat! This is also why the game’s free in the first place, as the devs said they’d drop the price if Twitch Chat defeated them in a game. They were soon defeated and swiftly honored their word by making the game free for all to play. So if you like the game, please purchase the costume set DLC to show your support to this excellent indie development team!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download One Troll Army Here

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