One Week, My Room – Download Game

One Week My Room Game Download

One Week, My Room is a cute looking, but surprisingly dark little puzzle game in which you need to choose the right sequence of activities to perform to help a child survive in his room for a week.

In One Week, My Room, each day you wake up in your little room and must choose one activity to perform before going back to sleep. Depending on which activities you perform at different times you’ll affect how the narrative plays out and unlock achievements at the end of the game.

The charming pixel art visuals of One Week, My Room may look sweet, but they belie some surprisingly dark undertones such as child poverty, suicide and even supernatural horror. There are several different endings, but you’ll get the true ending if you manage to figure out the correct actions to perform to keep the child alive until the end of the week, and you really don’t want to play with big brother…

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download One Week, My Room Here

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