Oni Hunter – Browser Game

Oni Hunter is a stylish and challenging pixel art stealth ninja assassination puzzler in which you have to eliminate all the demons in each room in five swift movements.

In Oni Hunter you take control of a deadly ninja assassin who has infiltrated the offices of a demonic organisation in Neo-Tokyo and must work your way up each floor killing all the demons as yo go. Each floor comprises of a single screen with a selection of enemies to dispatch. You need to assassinate all the enemies in one fluid “ghost strike” which is allows you to quickly dart between five different locations attacking enemies you pass along the way.

The levels start of easily, with a few simple enemies to dispatch, but the difficulty soon ramps up as more challenging enemies are added – such as guards that can spot you coming or require multiple attacks to slay. You’ll need some clever planning and precision timing to make it to the top and defeat the boss.

Oni Hunter really impresses with its stylish pixel art visuals and easy to pick up and play gameplay that’s very hard to master. A stylish ninja slice ‘em up that’ll really test your grey matter.

Controls: Mouse – Aim, RMB – Enter Ghost Strike, LMB – Plan Movements

Available On: All Browsers

Play Oni Hunter Here

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