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Open World Game: the Open World Game is a very funny little parody of modern open world gaming which distils the genre down to its essence – exploration, completing checklists, levelling up your skills and fishing.

Like them or loathe them, modern open world games all generally follow the same tried and tested template – you wander around completing checklists of objectives to earn you XP and upgrades for your character. You can all all manner of other gameplay features and fancy visuals (God knows Ubisoft have tried), but once you get right down to it open world games are just map-based checklists and Open World Game: the Open World Game pokes fun at all their idiosyncrasies. It sees you wandering around a very simple looking world map, walking up to various icons and entering four button codes to complete them, earning you XP in the process.

As much as Open World Game: the Open World Game is a satire of modern open world games, it is actually perversely fun to play (even though you know it’s all just a big waste of time). It satisfies that same basic urge of making your stats go up that incremental clickers fulfil and it’s also packed full of fun little gags (such as the main quest that can be completed in a couple of minutes and the ridiculous skills you can unlock in the skill tree). Once you’ve played it you may start to see how creaky and bloated the next Ubisoft game you boot up is though!

Controls WASD – Movement, Mouse – Menu Interactions

Available On: Steam

Download Open World Game: the Open World Game

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