Operation Polar Express – Downloadable Game

Operation Polar Express is a fun little festive first person action adventure with a touch of horror, which sees Santa fighting back after a plan is hatched to steal his factory and ruin Christmas!

A sequel of sorts to last year’s Gnome Issues, Operation Polar Express is a lighthearted Christmas romp (with a few spooky bits) set in and around Santa’s Polar Express present factory. Everything is going well at the factory, with you going around it and doing some final checks, when all of a sudden an evil queen rocks up in a sled and bannishes you to the icy depths below the factory. It turns out she’s out to ruin Christmas and there’s only one jolly red fat dude that can stop her!

The opening act of Operation Polar Express is by far the strongest and it would have been nice to spend more of the game inside the factory, but even still, it’s a great little festive adventure. The characters are fun, there’s lots of great voice acting and the story takes some nice little twists along the way. A fun little festive adventure full of silliness and Christmas spirit.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Operation Polar Express Here

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