Ophidia – Downloadable Game


Ophidia blends Snake, strange creatures and Norse gods as you control a Serpent demigod who grows ever-larger by encircling creatures and devouring them.

Ophidia is controlled entirely with the mouse, with you simply aiming in the direction you want your serpent demigod to travel. In each level your aim is to grow large enough to fully surround the large creature in the centre of the arena (which you do by devouring smaller insects and working your way up). It plays a little like Snake, but instead of heading straight for your food, you have to trap it by making a circle with your body.

It’s a fun and stylish game that has a hint of a Shadow of the Colossus about it – you are clearly the aggressor in this kingdom, destroying giants who only fight back in self defence.

Controls:  Mouse – Aim,  LMB – Reconnect After Bumping Into Enemy

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download Ophidia Here

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