Orange Roulette – Browser Game

Orange Roulette

Orange Roulette is a short and surprisingly dark game in which you play Russian roulette against a procession of oranges, with a hope of escaping your captors.

You play a humanoid orange, who is being kept in captivity and forced to play Russian roulette against his will.  As with Russian roulette, Orange Roulette is entirely luck based, you do have some options though – spin the cylinder, pull the trigger at yourself or attempt to shoot your opponent.  It’s a fun little game that makes couple of oranges playing with a gun into far more tense and nerve wracking than it should be.

You’ll need nerves of steel and a lot of luck to defeat all four opponents and make it to the end of this orangey adventure without getting juiced!

Controls:  Moise – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Orange Roulette Here

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