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Orbity.io is a tricky and very addictive massively multiplayer browser based rocket game in which players attempt to maintain stable orbits around the planet Earth for as long as possible or take off and explore space.

Orbity.io is very tough to get to grips with initially, as you attempt to use your very limited fuel supply to launch from the planet Earth and use the rest of the fuel to maintain a stable orbit for as long as possible. Use too little thrust and you’ll most likely fall back to Earth and use too much then you’ll end up smashing into an asteroid field (more often than not though you’ll crash into another player).

Just maintaining an orbit is tricky enough, but once you’ve got it mastered you can start doing some real space exploration. You can play anonymously, but registering an account means that you will be given missions, earn achievement and earn XP that you can use to purchase upgrades. These upgrades will allow you to travel further, take more damage and view more of the galaxy, which will really come in handy for more advanced missions. It soon becomes apparent that you can do a lot more than maintain an orbit – you can land back on Earth, land on asteroids and even travel through the asteroid belt that encircles Earth and explore the further reaches of space (there’s even a restaurant at the end of the Universe to find).

The control scheme does take a little getting used to but once you get to grips with it Orbity.io is a very impressive massively space exploration experience. It’s amazing how far and how much you can do in your fragile little ship after your many failed launches when starting out. Massively multiplayer rocketry well worth blasting off for!

Controls: W – Boost, A/D – Left/Right Bump, Spacebar – Rotate 180 Degrees, Shift – Hold For Precision Boosting, Mouse Wheel – Zoom in/Out

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: It’s worth registering an account as you’ll then be given missions and earn upgrades

Play Orbity.io Here

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