Orchard – Browser Game

orchard game

Orchard is a charming little 10 minute pixel art incremental clicker in which you click away to earn life points and purchase upgrades to grow trees in your orchard.

Orchard doesn’t really offer up many twists to the tried and tested incremental clicking formula, but the pixel artwork is fantastic and there’s something very satisfying about watching your little trees grow. You click the screen (or on the ducks that fly past) to earn life points then use the points to purchase upgrades, such as bigger trees or increasing the amount of leaves – all of which has the objective of earning you more points, faster.

It doesn’t take too long to max out your upgrades, but it’s a fun game that offers an addictive bite sized incremental clicking experience. A great little gardening game that will grow on you!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Orchard Here

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