Orchids To Dust – Downloadable Game

Orchids in Dusk

Orchids to Dust is a beautiful wandering experience where you play an astronaut stranded on a vast planet with only a few minutes of air left, looking for a place to die.

The planet offers up some spectacular sights, with it’s barren, rocky landscape broken up by little oases, filled with a selection of random alien plant-life.  It’s worth noting that although each experience will most likely be different (due to the random places your spacecraft crash-lands), this world isn’t procedurally generated – it’s a persistent online world that many people have explored before you.

We’d really recommend playing the game before reading on as the remaining text WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS.

There are two ways to die in Orchids to Dust – one is to walk as far as you can until your air runs out and you suffocate.  There other, far more magical way to die, is to accept the inevitability of your death, sit and admire the scenery, then accept your inevitable doom and take off your helmet.  This not only causes your astronaut to die, but also causes an explosion of plant-life around your body, adding life to the barren landscape and you come to the realisation that each one of the oases on the planet was a previous explorer.  Maybe with time, this beautiful barren planet will filled with lush plant-life as far as the eye can see.

Controls:  Mouse – Look, LMB – Walk Forward, RMB – Walk Backwards, LMB + RMB – Walk straight

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video:  Here (Contains Spoilers)

Download Orchids To Dusk Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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