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Orpheus’s Dream is a beautiful and disorientating little isometric puzzle adventure where an amnesiac and his cat uses music notes to help explore his family house and recover lost memories.

In Orpheus’s Dream you take on the role of a young man who has suffered a traumatic event that has caused him to lose all of his recent memories. To recover your memories you’ll have to explore your house, but you’re still a little disorientated so making your way through it can get a little confusing…

In each level of Orpheus’s Dream you and your cat have to make it to a specific room. There are obstacles in your way such as vines and locked doors which are fairly easy to deal with, but the orientation of the room also plays a factor. You can only access doors that are in your view (doors that are on the back two walls of any room), to access doors situated on the front two walls you need to change the orientation of the room, which you do by “mirroring”.

You interact with the game world by using a guitar to play music notes that you collect. There are four different types of music notes (key, axe, cat and mirror), each of which are single use so you need to be careful where you use them. The key note is used to unlock doors, the axe note is used to dispatch vines and the cat note is used to collect out-of-reach notes. The mirror note is where things get interesting and more than a little confusing though.

You can play mirror notes on cracks in walls, which then creates a mirrored version of the room you are currently in. This allows you to access more notes and different doors that were previously located on foreground walls. It’s all very confusing and disorientating, but it makes more sense as you make your way through it.

Taking around an hour to play through, it’s a beautiful little game with a great visual style, a touching narrative and some mind-bending puzzle design. The only issue is that some of the levels can only be solved via trial and error as there’s no way of knowing where some of the hidden notes are. It’s a very unique experience though and the way your disorientation at the mirrored room layout replicates the disorientation of the amnesiac protagonist is a clever touch. Highly recommended.

Note: The game starts-up with Chinese as the default language. You can change it to English in the menu though.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, R – Restart, Esc – Menu

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Orpheus’s Dream Here

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